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Gerdeblog, our very own inspirational design and trend blog, is our online platform for observations and points of view. Authored by the creative minds of Chute Gerdeman, Gerdeblog features opinions, attitudes and inspirations for all aspects of the retail, restaurant and cultural sectors. Topics include retail trends, consumer insights, points of view and new building materials, plus the occasional sneak peek into the daily lives of Chute team members.

We’ve collected some of our recent favorite posts from the blog for you here!

Mary Lynn Penner
During a quick jaunt to Chicago to scope out the retail goings-on, my colleague Bess and I visited House of Hoops by Foot Locker on State Street. Both of us have seen photos of the concept or have been to other locations, but it was Chicago’s House of Hoops that blew us away. The store was thoughtfully designed from top to bottom. The energy was undeniable from the second you walked in, with bright colors, glowing graphics and product presentation, and a soundtrack I would rush to download from iTunes. In a word, this store had serious swag. [Read More]
Matt Jeffries
Recently, I was shopping at West Elm and came across these great typographical paper weights. I, of course, couldn’t resist and purchased the ‘M’ version. At checkout, the cashier informed me that the same designer who created the style behind the series of paperweights also designed a series of wall graphics, that can be seen immediately upon entering the store.

Okay–now my interest was peaked. I had to find out more about this designer. [Read More]
Gretchen Ardizzone
We all love to sample things—from perfumes, taste testing at the grocery store to wine tastings. Retail and manufacturer brands have caught on and discovered that sampling helps expose customers to new products and they are more likely to purchase if they try before they buy. Understanding that approach, and in an effort to help cut through the clutter and find products that really work, young entrepreneurs Hayley Barna and Katia Beauchamp (who met at Harvard Business School) co-founded the beauty sampling program, Birchbox. How it works—subscriptions can be purchased for as little as three months for $30 or as long as a year for $110. Each month, a box is delivered to your doorstep featuring five new beauty and lifestyle products. [Read More]
Brian Shafley
As I watched the steel beams put in place this week to push the new 1 World Trade Center up and above the venerable 71-year old Empire State Building, I felt something inside. Inspiration had found me once again. This iconic and hallowed site in Lower Manhattan, referred to as “ground zero” for the past eleven years, was like a phoenix rising into the sky. [Read More]
Allison Oakes
At the Builders’ Show in February, Sherwin-Williams launched the new interactive paint tool, Chip It! The first-of-its-kind, web-based app allows users to select any online image and instantly identify the Sherwin-Williams paint colors that correspond to the hues contained within the picture. [Read More]
In Other News...
Not every grand opening of a Chute Gerdeman project is attended by a Prime Minister. This one was. One of our most colorful projects came from a surprising source—the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. The goal was to create a vibrant, local community based expression for its new flagship, BTC Powered by LIME in Nassau [More]
Shop-in-shops offer retailers the magic formula of flexibility, brand-enhancing cachet and the ability to attract new customer segments. The opportunity has never been better for young, entrepreneurial hip brands to find a mainstream home. [More]
Top 5
Summer is finally here and the forecast predicts a hot saturated season—in both colors and climate! We are seeing this trend in fashion, jewelry and home décor, and the hues are vibrant, warm and fun! Nothing brightens a mood faster than a splash of citrus yellow on the walls or radiant tangerine peep-toe pumps. [More]
We are responding to growing demand for our award-winning strategic branding and design services with two promotions and a new designer! [More]
Q & A
In its continued quest to get inside the creative and business minds at Chute Gerdeman, The Gist sat down with Elaine Evans, our recently promoted Creative Director. Her spirit and passion are evident on the walls that surround her desk, a 3D Pinterest board of creative inspiration: design, icons, shopping bags, graphic inspiration for this ‘print-cess’ of pattern and letterform. A true artist with a refined aesthetic sense, Elaine has influenced many of CG’s most successful projects. [More]
Several Chuties will be attending major upcoming industry events. Check out our calendar and let us know if you'll be attending and would like to meet. [More]
CG News
Several Chute Gerdeman concepts and insights have recently been featured in the press. Read more about Danier, Checkers and insights from experienced Chuties. [More]
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