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We'd Love to See You at Industry Events
New Chuties
Several Chuties will be attending major upcoming industry events. Check out our calendar below and let us know if you'll be attending and would like to meet.

September 5-7, 2012
Chicago, IL
Several Chuties will be attending the International Retail Design Conference (IRDC). Let us know if you’ll be there too, and we can schedule a time to catch up. We’ll be stirring up trends that are driving store design and visual merchandising around the world at retail design’s annual meeting of minds.

The Changing Face of Beauty Retailing
Wednesday, September 5, 2012
Chute Gerdeman's very own Joanna Felder, VP, Intelligence & Brand Strategy, will take the stage with Ali Wente, VP, Global Sales & Education at H2O Plus, and other industry retail experts to reveal the revolution going on that's as quiet as a cotton ball and as dazzling as a runway smile. Beauty retailing is crafting a dramatically different playing field. From the beautiful new department store world of Lord & Taylor to MAC and Sephora's accessible glamour, to surprising new players in the market, come with us on a Beauty Makeover as we investigate the new ideas, designs, displays and communications that are changing the way this high-profit category goes to market. We'll look at how technology is helping (or not) influence the sale and provide our own 10 Best Ideas we've seen in the last 12 months in the category.

Retail Gets a Millennial Makeover
Thursday, September 6, 2012
As the biggest consumer group after the Baby Boomers, Millennials are today's power force in the marketplace. What does this mean for retail design and brand experiences? Put the charts and data aside, and listen as a trio of talented Millenial designers talk about designing retail experiences that connect with this wired generation.

With Chute Gerdeman's President & Chief Creative Director, Brian Shafley, moderating, this panel will include input from Mary Lynn Penner, Senior Designer at Chute Gerdeman, and two more influential young talents, who will be contributing to our lively discussion. We'll look at brands that our panel feels could use a Millennial-Makeover and capture their ideas on what needs to be done. Whether it's design, social media, updating an image, improving communications or service standard, our panel promises to be engaging and emphatic on what keeps Millennials engaged.
November 20-21, 2012
Dorint Pallas Hotel; Wiesbaden, Germany
In this fast-paced session, CG’s President & Chief Creative Officer, Brian Shafley will share what we have recently uncovered in store design, visual merchandising, and experiential retailing in one of the world’s top retail centers, New York City.

Chute Gerdeman sent its covert intelligence agents to NYC to seek out spy shots of all shiny new stores, big or “indie retail.” With the city target-rich with hip neighborhoods, side streets, and bustling avenues, our mission was a success! And you're invited to our top-secret debriefing. This dossier is vital information, absolutely the most extensive collection of fresh NYC intelligence you'll find anywhere. From Brooklyn to Uptown, underground and high above the street, we found design inspiration for storefronts, fixtures, lighting, tech, visual name it, it's here for your eyes only.

That is, if you know the password.
In Other News...
Not every grand opening of a Chute Gerdeman project is attended by a Prime Minister. This one was. One of our most colorful projects came from a surprising source—the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. The goal was to create a vibrant, local community based expression for its new flagship, BTC Powered by LIME in Nassau [More]
Shop-in-shops offer retailers the magic formula of flexibility, brand-enhancing cachet and the ability to attract new customer segments. The opportunity has never been better for young, entrepreneurial hip brands to find a mainstream home. [More]
Top 5
Summer is finally here and the forecast predicts a hot saturated season—in both colors and climate! We are seeing this trend in fashion, jewelry and home décor, and the hues are vibrant, warm and fun! Nothing brightens a mood faster than a splash of citrus yellow on the walls or radiant tangerine peep-toe pumps. [More]
Gerdeblog, our very own inspirational design and trend blog, is our online platform for observations and points of view. Authored by the creative minds of Chute Gerdeman, Gerdeblog features opinions, attitudes and inspirations for all aspects of the retail, restaurant and cultural sectors. Topics include retail trends, consumer insights, points of view and new building materials, plus the occasional sneak peek into the daily lives of Chute Gerdeman team members. [More]
We are responding to growing demand for our award-winning strategic branding and design services with two promotions and a new designer! [More]
Q & A
In its continued quest to get inside the creative and business minds at Chute Gerdeman, The Gist sat down with Elaine Evans, our recently promoted Creative Director. Her spirit and passion are evident on the walls that surround her desk, a 3D Pinterest board of creative inspiration: design, icons, shopping bags, graphic inspiration for this ‘print-cess’ of pattern and letterform. A true artist with a refined aesthetic sense, Elaine has influenced many of CG’s most successful projects. [More]
CG News
Several Chute Gerdeman concepts and insights have recently been featured in the press. Read more about Danier, Checkers and insights from experienced Chuties. [More]
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