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BTC Powered by LIME
Not every grand opening of a Chute Gerdeman project is attended by a Prime Minister. This one was.

One of our most colorful projects came from a surprising source—the Bahamas Telecommunications Company. The goal was to create a vibrant, local community-based expression for its new flagship, BTC Powered by LIME in Nassau.

First of all, we had no complaints about the climate or our hosts’ friendly personalities. We dived into the project, learning first hand from customers what matters. The store is about bringing the Bahamas together using the best technology solutions and services. But instead of institutional efficiency, we created an environment as warm, friendly and spirited as our host culture.

Four vibrant merchandise zones segmented services: Landline, Internet, Mobile and Entertainment (LIME), which became the entity’s working name. The environment is a scintillating reflection of island culture, color and sensibilities. The customer experience supports how people literally connect with friends and family—bringing the islands together.

Infusing the store with a local vibe, we created a massive Junkanoo-inspired mural (Junkanoo is the boisterous street festival that bursts forth twice a year in the Bahamas) designed by a well-known local artist, Anthony “Big Mo” Morley.

As the telecom retail experience is vastly different in a cash-based society, a welcoming payment center and consultation area were critical. In fact, the entire design process was enriched by our first-hand interviews with LIME customers to gather feedback on the proposed design.

Finding the balance between high-tech and the laid-back island attitude was essential. LED screens mixed with "ocean pier" flooring and island shutter details capture the Bahamian lifestyle.

At the conclusion of the project, a very special celebration was planned—LIME launched its much-anticipated 4G network at the flagship’s grand opening, which included a visit by Rt. Hon. Hubert A. Ingraham, the Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of the Bahamas.

The results are in—BTC Powered by LIME continues to exceed customer expectations. The company is increasing its retail footprint to 50+ stores throughout the Bahamas over the next two years.
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