Chute Gerdeman Millennial Makeover? Top 5
Fall 2012 Issue
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Top 5: Repurposing Materials
As Chute Gerdeman's Material and Trend Specialist, Katie Clements is involved in all projects providing design support as a materials and color expert. She utilizes her vast knowledge and extensive library to present clients with well-considered selections for fabric, carpet, tile, wallcovering, lighting, furniture and any other special feature.

As many of you know, my passion lies in the materials and finishes side of our projects. We have so many wonderful vendor friends who keep us updated on the latest and greatest, and I love checking out new material trends or this season’s hottest colors. I get especially excited when I see an ordinary material or object used in a unique way; to me, that’s where true creativity takes place. Repurposing is the best form of recycling, and it can help bring the budget down while keeping the impact up!

It’s in the (brown paper) bag

Owen is a hip clothing boutique located in New York City’s Meatpacking District. More than 25,000 brown paper bags (yes, the very same kind that we all used to carry our lunches to school) line one wall and continue across the ceiling to create a beautiful honeycomb texture. Adding a soft touch to a very industrial environment, the bags (which are stapled in place) are even treated with a non-toxic fire retardant.
Love it.

Yep, that’s cardboard!

There are so many uses for old cardboard, but few have found as many creative purposes as Carton Planet, an entire website dedicated to creating cool items out of this common and inexpensive material. My favorites are the “Checked” shades and the “Bloom” coffee table. The Bloom features a beautiful texture as the result of layers upon layers of cardboard, while the Checked lamp shades create truly mesmerizing patterns of light.

Call me, maybe?

Retro is having a resurgence and you need to look no further than this art installation in Frankfurt, Germany, to see the varied and original forms this trend has taken. Jean-Luc Cornec created these sculptures a few years ago for the Museum of Telecommunications. The evolution of the telephone in just a single generation is truly amazing, and I just love that a totally obsolete (but dear to my heart!) object is used to create art. Curlicue phone cords make the perfect woolen coat, and even the feet are made of old phone receivers!

A New Era for Vinyl

Maya Romanoff is well known in the industry for creating beautiful and luxurious wallcoverings for high-end clients. You might remember (as I can’t forget) his wallcoverings of tiny glass beads or mother of pearl. Well, Maya has decided to create a similarly luxurious look but with vinyl. Sold under the Maya Romanoff Studio brand, these vinyl options are an affordable alternative that offer the durability retail applications require. My personal favorites are Oyster Bar, a take-off of the original Mother of Pearl, and Crystal Ball, which nicely mimics its predecessor, Bedazzled Geode Glass Beads.

The Best of What’s Left

David Best is a world-renowned sculptor who creates beautiful pieces of art by using the plywood scraps that result from the routing of wood during CNC template operations. What better way to repurpose one-dimensional “leftovers” than by transforming them into beautiful three-dimensional works of art! Best’s latest plywood masterpiece, “Bicentennial Towers,” is a part of Columbus temporary public art installation in celebration of the city’s Bicentennial. Prominently displayed at the Broad Street Bridge, the towers feature four unique designs but are a temporary installation, so check them out before it’s too late!

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